Item #13426 The Greatest Mother in the World
The Greatest Mother in the World
The Greatest Mother in the World

The Greatest Mother in the World

New York: 1918. Foringer, Alonzo earl. 1st Edition. Very Good. Item #13426

One of the most iconic posters to come out of WW I.

This poster features a prodigious and quite striking Red Cross nurse cradling a wounded soldier on a stretcher, with pleading eyes staring into the distance.

Above and behind the nurse is a large and elegantly-simple large Red Cross. The bottom of the poster features the title "The Greatest Mother in the World", with a decorative border underneath.

"Before the war the Red Cross was a small and insignificant organization based in the U.S.. During the war, they saved money and provided help to the warring nations in Europe. Once the U.S. entered the war, the Red Cross exploded with volunteers and funding from the government. WWI made the Red Cross into a global organization that was capable of helping people around the world.

"This poster shows a young woman in a Red Cross uniform. The woman has soft features and her eyes look upward as if praying as she holds a wounded soldier, on a stretcher, in her arms. This was to encourage the image the Red Cross wanted to present as being the greatest mother in the world. " - McKee Library

Mild edge wear, including pin holes used to display the poster, a few small closed separations, generally about one inch long along the edges, and a chip to the upper right corner.

This piece measures 27 1/4" X 20 1/4" and is perfect for framing and display!

Price: $250.00