Item #16612 The Drama of the Universe. Willi Sucher.

The Drama of the Universe

Meadow Vista, Ca: Astrosophy Research Center, 2003. 1st Edition. 8vo. / Very Good. Item #16612

"Willi Sucher, was a pioneer in the spiritual science of astrosophy. The content of the books assumes a familiarity with the work of Rudolf Steiner, for it is entirely on the foundation of Anthroposophy that Willi Sucher’s research is based. Therefore, a study of the basic works of Steiner is recommended in order to fully enter into the content presented here.

"Willi Sucher was born on August 21, 1902, in the southern German town of Karlsruhe. At the age of 17 he met the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, through the brother of his father, his uncle Karl. His uncle Karl also spoke with him about astrology, expressing his concern about its unsuitability for modern humanity. His uncle spoke of how important it would be that someday an anthroposophist would bring new light to the entire field of astrology through the insights of spiritual science. Willi’s response was, “Why should we wait? Can’t we do it ourselves?”

"In 1922, he became inspired by Steiner’s ideas on social threefolding and moved to Stuttgart to join a small bank, Bankhaus Der Komende Tag, which was connected with several businesses trying to put these ideas into practice. On one occasion Rudolf Steiner visited the bank, and Willi was deeply impressed by this personal encounter with Steiner.

"When the economic situation caused the small bank to close, Willi took a position in a bank in Bruchsal. Through a friend he met his future wife, Helen, who lived with her parents in Stuttgart and was also attending the lectures of Rudolf Steiner. They both joined the newly formed Christian Community and were married in 1927 by Dr. Friedrich Rittelmeyer, the founder of the Christian Community and a leading Lutheran theologian in Germany at the time.

"Later in 1927 Willi came across a lecture given by Dr. Elisabeth Vreede, the head of the Mathematical–Astronomical Section of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, where the Anthroposophical Society was centered. In this lecture, Dr. Vreede referred to remarks by Rudolf Steiner about the configurations of the heavens at the time of the passing over of a human being into the spiritual world at death. It struck Willi then “like a lightning bolt”. “This is it! This is something positive!”

"He worked out the death asterogram of Tolstoy and sent it, along with some very tentative suggestions, to Dr. Vreede in Dornach. She responded “very positively” and invited him to Dornach in 1928. This became the starting point for a working relationship that would develop over the next ten years, during which Dr. Vreede published “the investigations of our co–worker Willi Sucher, as he has developed them in conjunction with the Mathematical–Astronomical Section for some years now.” - Astrosophy

Black plastic spiral binding. Clean interior. Mild edge wear.

A handsome edition.

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