Item #17310 Liberty: Frederick Douglass - Abolitionist, Author, Orator, Statesman (Poster). Adam Himoff, Artist.

Frederick Douglass Pulled Into the 21st Century

Adam Himoff (Artist)

Liberty: Frederick Douglass - Abolitionist, Author, Orator, Statesman (Poster)

Easton, Md: Privately Printed, 2023. Fine. Item #17310

A STUNNING poster, made from a high resolution image from an original linocut print on high quality paper, from contemporary artist Adam Himoff. This work has made local and national impressions after a building-sized mural of the print was installed in Douglass' hometown of Easton, Md in 2023.

Himoff's work brings the image of Douglass into the 21st century.

Himoff says "The image is a modernized reimagining of Frederick Douglass....In the portrait, he is confident, determined, and courageous as we know him, but he also surprises us by being modern-day hip and fashionable and posed before a graffiti-scrawled space. The piece pulls Douglass forward in time, examines his lasting impact on our world, and wonders at the role he might be playing if he was alive today.

In the piece, Douglass dons a modern-day suit and tie, a Rolex-style wrist watch and a pair of Converse, Chuck Taylor high tops.

This beautiful piece measures 24" X 16". and is perfect for framing and display!